Granite Benches

Make one of our monument quality granite benches a part of your family cemetery lot, memorial garden, or plaza.  They are fully engravable and customizable and perfect for use as a monument for your loved ones as well.

Vases are a great addition to any monument!

Our vases come with removable liners so you can create arrangements at home.  Vases also allow arrangements to be placed off of the ground to prevent damage from maintanance.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift?  We have a number of personalized granite gifts available that you can't find anywhere else.

Matching Granite




Add a beautiful, full-color porcelain photograph to any of our monuments.

Our photos are guaranteed never to fade, crack or become detached.  If the photo is damaged for any reason or is vadalized or stolen we will replace the photo free of charge!

Add an Etching to any of our dark granite monuments.  The lifelike beauty and detail is unmatched. 



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